CDM Projects

Asia Biogas projects have generated over 20% of all CERs issued to Thai projects under the Clean Development Mechanism.


400,000 tonnes of CO2 reductions per year


Across the operating portfolio Asia Biogas projects currently produce approximately 400,000 tonnes of emission reductions per year. Over 70% of these are from registered CDM projects. Asia Biogas affiliate Thai Biogas Energy Company (TBEC) operates the TBEC Biogas Programme for South East Asia. Any party interested to participate in the Programme is welcome to contact us for further details.


CDM Project Name Annual CERs
Cassava Waste to Energy (2110) 70,000
Chao Khun Agro Biogas Energy Project (2138) 50,000
Jiratpattana Biogas Energy Project (2144) 50,000
Kitroongruang Biogas Energy Project (2672) 25,000
TBEC Tha Chang Biogas Energy Project (2790) 50,000
Kalasin Wastewater to Energy (5751) 35,000
TOTAL 280,000

Registered CDM projects operated by Asia Biogas