Our management team have worked as advocates, developers, designers and investors in the Climate Change and Renewable Energy space their entire careers and we are passionate about sustainable development.

Production of Biogas through anaerobic digestion makes a strong contribution towards meeting each one of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Compared to other renewable energy options, biogas will typically produce 50 times the amount of CO2 reductions and 4 times the energy per MW installed. Furthermore biogas generates more jobs and keeps more investment and income in local communities compared to other energy sources.


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Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas

February 6, 2019
Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas for 24 hours (80% of production
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CBG Projects in Thailand

February 6, 2019
Project to promote the production of compressed methane (CBG)
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Speech by CEO to Asia Clean Energy Forum

December 3, 2018
Biogas the Sustainable Choice for ASEAN Presentation to Asia Clean Energy Forum - Des Godson Des-Godson-Biogas-the-Sustainable-Choice-for-ASEAN-1
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ABG Chairman McCoole Promotes Biogas as Solution to Deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals

April 24, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, 18 April Asia Biogas Chairman, Conor McCoole was appointed to the Committee of the Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance at
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