Palm Oil

Asia Biogas offers the Palm Oil sector an opportunity to significantly increase revenue while also massively reducing the environmental impact of the mill and plantation operations.

With our proven technology we can generate biogas from POME, EFB and Decanter Cake, generating as much as 6.1 MW electricity from a typical 45 tonne per hour mill. Additionally, plantation wastes such as oil palm trunk and frond can be digested to recover energy while retaining nutrients for plantation soil.

In the Palm Oil sector biogas is typically used for power generation but often there are constraints with connecting to the electricity grid. In such situations biogas can also be used for heat production in boilers and it can be upgraded and processed into Compressed Biogas (bioCNG/CBG).

As bioCNG the biogas can be more easily transported to be utilised elsewhere as a fuel for transportation or industrial customers. Asia Biogas can provide full turnkey systems producing power, heat or bioCNG.

Sustainable Systems

Biogas plays a key role in sustainable Palm Oil: mitigating methane emissions, replacing fossil fuels, but also closing the nutrient cycles and returning nutrients to the soil. As well as producing energy our systems also help treat waste streams from Palm Oil Mills, reducing COD in POME by over 95% and producing nutrient rich water for irrigation.

With EFB digestion our systems also produce a nutrient rich biofertiliser which is an excellent soil conditioner

Biogas from Palm Oil Waste – the key to sustainable Palm Oil.