Energy Crop

Asia Biogas delivers turnkey biogas plants to operate on energy crops such as Napier Grass. Our system utilises the latest design concepts from Europe, adapted for the local conditions in Southeast Asia.

From 2,000 rai of Napier Grass plantation, we expect a yearly harvest of 80,000 tonne fresh weight grass, from which the Asia Biogas system produces 2.2 MW of electricity.

Overview of methane and power potential from 2,000 rai of Napier Grass, and the amount of biofertiliser produced.

High-Solids Digestion System

Asia Biogas high-solids digestion system produces biogas from Energy Crops alone, or can co-digest the Energy Crops with animal manure or other co-substrates. Our high-solids digestion system utilises gas mixing, enabling us to operate without any dilution water, meaning longer retention times in the same reactor volume, maximising gas production.

The residual biofertiliser contains all the nutrients originally absorbed by the Energy Crop from the soil. After digestion, the biofertiliser is returned to the soil, both closing nutrient loops and bringing structure material to the soil, ensuring long-term soil sustainability.

Asia Biogas designs bespoke solutions for clients based upon proprietary in-ground and tank based designs. Our grass digestion reference plant in Ireland is a tank based solution operating since 2014. A number of factors need to be assessed before selection of the correct solution is made, but regardless of whether we offer an in-ground or tank based solution.

Asia Biogas provides a full performance warranty.