Asia Biogas has been the leading biogas company in the Thai Cassava starch market since 2002 when we commissioned the first commercial cassava wastewater biogas plant, Korat Waste to Energy. In 2012 we led the way by, designing and commissioning Thailand’s first cassava wet pulp biogas plant.

With a long history of owning and operating biogas plants in the cassava starch industry Asia Biogas is uniquely placed to design best in class systems which are robust and simple to operate.

Advanced Systems

We deliver excellent projects that have been proven to be robust and stable and are capable of generating sufficient energy as heat and electricity so that the starch mill becomes a net exporter of energy.Asia Biogas systems can take both the wastewater and the wet pulp from cassava starch mills.

Our systems are designed in Thailand for local conditions, but using industry best practice. In fact as a pioneer it is Asia Biogas who often sets industry best practice.



As the cassava biogas industry matures Asia Biogas is being called in by more and more clients to fix and upgrade existing facilities. We can help under performing projects reach their potential and reduce the energy bills of our clients.

Whether it is advice, a Build Own Operate or an EPC solution that you require, Asia Biogas should be your partner of choice. No other group has the track record of excellence or the experience to match.