Asia Biogas focuses on delivering Excellence in Biogas. We design best in class bespoke solutions for clients, which come with full performance warranties. With offices in Singapore, Bangkok and Jakarta we design using international best practice and with local conditions in mind.

Our services include:

  • Turnkey EPC solutions
  • Process design and Detailed engineering design
  • Operator and maitenence
  • Asset manegment
  • Advisory – Feasibility studies, BMP analysis and due diligence

As EPC contractor we specify the most appropriate equipment for your budget and for safe and reliable operations. As a provider of BOOT projects we offer clients a low risk solution which delivers reduced energy costs and revenue shares, with assurance that our plants will run to their fullest potential.

 Asia Biogas has always been a pioneer in the biogas sector. We continue this tradition and continue to invest in Research and Development. Our novel approach to managing high solid digestion systems has won us many accolades and awards.

We combine our pioneering approach with years of experience. We have owned and operated over 50 biogas projects ranging in scale from 50MW to 50kW. This experience helps us ensure that we design and deliver the most appropriate system for our clients and deliver Excellence in Biogas.


Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas

February 6, 2019
Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas for 24 hours (80% of production
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CBG Projects in Thailand

February 6, 2019
Project to promote the production of compressed methane (CBG)
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Speech by CEO to Asia Clean Energy Forum

December 3, 2018
Biogas the Sustainable Choice for ASEAN Presentation to Asia Clean Energy Forum - Des Godson Des-Godson-Biogas-the-Sustainable-Choice-for-ASEAN-1
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ABG Chairman McCoole Promotes Biogas as Solution to Deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals

April 24, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, 18 April Asia Biogas Chairman, Conor McCoole was appointed to the Committee of the Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance at
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