Design & Construction

Asia Biogas has 19 years’ experience design and building anaerobic digestion biogas systems in Southeast Asia.  We operate the systems that we build: our experience as a biogas plant operator is an advantage for our EPC clients.  We know what works, what is reliable and what performs best in a hot and humid tropical environment.

EPC Services:   We provide engineering, procurement and construction services from our Bangkok based team.  We have been involved in more than 90 reference biogas projects and have a deep understanding of agricultural and agro-industrial waste including palm oil mill effluent, cassava starch waste water and livestock waste.

Feasibility Studies:   We undertake pre-feasibility and feasibility studies for clients in Southeast Asia contemplating turning their waste into clean and affordable energy.  We are honoured to be engaged by the Asian Development Bank to provide early stage project development services for a proposed livestock waste to biogas project in Pakistan.

Operation & Maintenance

We have 17 years’ experience as an operator including at the largest biogas plant in Thailand.  All our operating experience is in hot and humid tropical conditions.  In this region, our understanding of biogas operations is best in class.  We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

Operation & Maintenance Services:   We own and operate our own biogas plants and we provide the same O&M services to third parties.  We can provide a full operation and maintenance service or a more limited technical assistance and remote monitoring service. Clients benefit from our operational know-how and our extensive procurement network.

Refurbishment:   Many biogas systems in Southeast Asia were built in the period 2005-10 when high carbon market prices and electricity feed-in tariffs encouraged investment in biogas.  After years of operation there is an opportunity to refurbish and upgrade existing systems.  For example, after taking over a biogas portfolio in Thailand in late 2016, Asia Biogas modified and recovered two biogas digesters and upgraded a third project to produce CBG.

Engine Parts:   Asia Biogas supplies gas engine spare parts from ECI-Distribution from Austria.  We stock spare parts for Jenbacher engines in Surat Thani, Rayong and Kalasin Thailand. For non-stock items, shipment from Austria can be arranged.  Please contact us for assistance.

Carbon Offsets

We have UNFCCC-registered Certified Emission Reductions available for sale for carbon offset purposes and in 2019 we made the first sale of International Renewable Energy Credits (IRECs) from a Thai biogas to power project.  For impact investors willing to make a multi-year purchase commitment, we can re-invest 100% of carbon revenues in new biogas systems thereby maximizing the impact of carbon offsets.  Please contact us for assistance.

Asia Biogas group is responsible for nearly one quarter of all CERs registered in Thailand and Lao PDR.  Our projects currently produce approximately 280,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent (tCO2e) emission reductions per year. It is 7 years since the end of the first crediting period under the Kyoto Protocol’s Clean Development Mechanism.  We look forward to the long-awaited revival of the carbon market mechanism of the Paris Agreement.

Our CEO has deep experience of carbon markets and was responsible for the registration of 50 Clean Development Mechanism projects.  We have our own approved Programme of Activities for biogas registered with the UNFCCC and have a deep understanding of the data monitoring and emission reduction certification process. 

Biogas project in Krabi, Thailand

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