Kalasin – Cassava III

Asia Biogas Manages and operates Jiratpattana biogas project which uses wastewater from cassava factory as a feedstock.

The biogas is sold to host factory for replacing the use of heavy fuel oil.

The surplus biogas will be generated electricity at 2.0 MW which is sell to host factory.

Thai Biogas Energy-Jiratpattana Project

Project Host

Jiratpattana Agriculture Co.,Ltd.


Kalasin, Thailand



Production Capacity of Host

200 tons   starch per day

Biogas Production per day

34,500 Nm3

Methane Production per Day

6,828 Nm3

Installed Capacity of Generators

2.0 MW

Electricity Production per Day

1,500 kWh

Carbon Credit Production


Number of Staff


Commercial Operation Date

August 2016


Jiratpattana Biogas Boiler