List of Technical Abbreviations

ASEAN: Association of SouthEast Asian Nation 

BCS: Biomass Combustion System

BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand

BOOT: Build Own Operate Transfer

CDM: Clean Development Mechanism

CER: Certified Emission Reduction

CIGAR: Covered In-Ground Anaerobic Reacto

rCOD: Chemical Oxygen Demand

CODt: Total Chemical Oxygen Demand

CSTR: Continually Stirred Tank Reactor

EFB: Empty Fruit Branch

FFB: Fresh Fruit Branch

FOG: Fats, Oil and Greases

GHG: Greenhouse Gases

HFO: Heavy Fuel Oil

kWh: Kilowatt Hour

KWTE: Korat Waste To Energymg/l: Milligram per lite

rMW: Megawatt

OFMSW: Organic Fraction of Municipal Waste

O&M: Operation and Maintenance

pH: in chemistry, it means potential of Hydrogen

VFA: Volatile Fatty Acids

VS: Volatile Solids ( A chemical test to determine  amount of organic matter)

VSS: Volatile Suspended Solids

TSS: Total Suspended Solids

UASB: Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket