We are passionate about sustainable development. Our management team have worked as advocates, designers and investors in  the Climate Change and Renewable Energy space their entire careers.

To deliver on our mission of maximising benefits for our Clients, Communities, Shareholders and Ecosystem we are focussed on biogas, a technology with a unique set of benefits:

  • Biogas offers our clients a way to turn from being an energy consumer to an energy producer, not only reducing costs but actually adding revenue
  • Biogas is the only energy technology which actually improves the quality of waste water
  • As a renewable fuel Biogas can displace fossil fuels directly to produce: Heat, Electricity and Transport fuels
  • Biogas also reduces fugitive emissions of methane gas, making it one of the leading technologies in the fight against climate chage
  • Our plants provide employment in rural communities. Our plant staff have a wide range of qualifications from Postgraduate degrees down to school leavers. We offer them all meaningful careers in their own communities