Asia Biogas currently operates in the niche of 1–10 MW renewable energy power plants. Over the past 10 years, Asia Biogas has installed over 90 projects dealing with various feedstocks, including palm oil effluent, cassava waste, animal manure and ethanol waste.

Our team has boosted its reputation as a Build-Own-Operate-Transfer (BOOT) project developer supporting the palm oil and cassava industries to expand into a customized solutions provider, offering BOOT Project Development, Turnkey Construction, and Design/Engineering Services.

Founded in 1999, Asia Biogas has won multiple awards for our innovative designs, which take best in class processes and engineer them to be effective in Southeast Asia. For example, independent comparative studies put our Korat Waste to Energy project (in commercial operation since 2002) at the top for operating performance.

Asia Biogas Group is wholly owned by Oscar Energy Holdings Pte. Ltd.