Asia Biogas is a leading biogas company in Southeast Asia

Headquartered in Bangkok and with offices in Jakarta and Singapore.

We have two core businesses:

1. Engineering and construction of biogas plants

2. Production and sale of biogas and electricity at 10 BOT projects in Thailand and Indonesia

We focus on palm oil mills, cassava starch producers and large dairy farms in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia with their large and stable supply of waste. Our projects have >1 MW in power generation potential.

Biogas can be used as a fuel for heating or power generation, or upgraded and used as a transport fuel (Compressed Biomethane Gas).Biogas is unique as a source of clean energy because it delivers numerous and substantial additional benefits: It reverses environmental degradation by cleaning up highly polluted wastewater.It delivers substantial greenhouse gas emission reductions (CH4 has 28x the global warming potential of CO2).It delivers valuable employment and nutrient-rich irrigation water or biofertiliser thus closing the nutrient cycle.

We have completed over 90 projects ranging in scale from 50kWe up to 23MW and we have worked across all major agro-industrial sectors such as cassava starch, palm oil, ethanol production and animal wastes.

In 2017, Asia Biogas agreed to acquire the biogas BOT portfolio of Thai Biogas Energy Company Ltd.

In 2019, Asia Biogas officially signed the agreement with ECI- Distribution from Austria for being an import and distribution agent Jenbacher brand generator spare parts.

We have various spare parts for gas engines of different gas engine manufacturers.

Besides spare parts, exclusively developed and produced for ECI-Distribution, they trade a variety of replacement parts to cover the full range of parts required for gas engine servicing and maintenance.

We have stocks of Jenbacher spare parts, available for shipment from our warehouse in Suratthani , Rayong and Kalasin Thailand. For non-stock items, shipment from the ECI factory in Austria can be arranged.

We offer our clients:

  • Solutions optimised for local conditions
  • Best in class methane yield and COD reduction
  • Increased profitability through lowered electricity and/or fuel cost
  • We strive to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utilize waste
  • Increased reliability and quality of energy
  • A one-stop shop outsourcing model for waste treatment and energy supply


Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas

February 6, 2019
Testing the use of production systems and fill the tank systems of CBG gas for 24 hours (80% of production
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CBG Projects in Thailand

February 6, 2019
Project to promote the production of compressed methane (CBG)
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Speech by CEO to Asia Clean Energy Forum

December 3, 2018
Biogas the Sustainable Choice for ASEAN Presentation to Asia Clean Energy Forum - Des Godson Des-Godson-Biogas-the-Sustainable-Choice-for-ASEAN-1
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ABG Chairman McCoole Promotes Biogas as Solution to Deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals

April 24, 2018
Kuala Lumpur, 18 April Asia Biogas Chairman, Conor McCoole was appointed to the Committee of the Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance at
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